Highest-Quality TPU Reusable Piping / Pastry Bags – Your Choice of 4 Sizes or a Set

$5.99$28.99 $2.50$11.25

  • High-Quality TPU reusable pastry bag – more durable than silicone and more heat-resistant than thinner bags
  • Choice of 4 Sizes: Small (12″), M (14″), L (16″), and XL (18″)
  • Save Money — Purchase as a set of 3 (S / M / L) or 4 (S / M / L / XL)
  • Smooth interior for squeezing easily
  • Rough exterior to make it easier to grip and control
  • Easily trim the end to fit your nozzles and tips
  • Free Expedited Shipping
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  • High-Quality TPU plastic – more durable than silicone
  • Resists transmission of heat from your hands to the bag more than fabric, silicone, or disposable bags
  • Reusable, durable, and flexible with a softer feel

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Set A – 23 Large Russian Piping Tips Exclusive Mix-n-Mix Offer & Free Shipping

Sale on Large Russians - Buy 5-11 & Save 10% - and 12 or more & Save 20%

  • Decorate like a Pro - A Baker's Dream Gift
  • Great for Beginners. No classes or special skills needed.
  • Set A - Russian Tulip Petal Tips
  • 23 Different Tip Styles to Choose From - Buy 1, 2, 3 or all 92 in 5 sets (A-E)
  • Exclusive Mix and Match Offer
  • Create Tulips, Roses, Daisies, Pansies, Cherry Blossoms, and More
  • View/Download our Style Guide for Tips 1-72 here - Pictures! (900K PDF)
  • We sell a tested large XL Tri-Color Coupler (1.46" ring) and an XL Single-Color one (*coming soon*). US couplers are too small.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • FREE Expedited Shipping Included

Set B: #24-43 HereSet C: #44-61 HereSet D: #62-72 Here- Set E: #73-92 Here

$6.99 $2.50 Select options
24 Ball/Sphere Russian Piping Tips – Largest Quantity on Internet – Mix and Match

Largest Choice on the Internet - Get Yours Now

  • Russian Ball Tips - Torch / Sphere / Ball Design
  • 24 Different Tip Styles to Choose From (More Than Any Seller)
  • Exclusive Mix and Match Offer
  • Tips number 5-14, 18-19, and 23-24 are hard to find, and almost never sold outside of expensive sets
  • Check out our Style Guide here
  • Create amazing cupcakes with swirls and patterns. Easy to Use, even for Beginners
  • Works great with Standard 16" and 18" bags (and OK with S and XL, too)
  • These need a much larger size coupler than usual (Coupler with a 1.14" diameter ring). We sell one that is a solid fit (I personally tested it) for these. You can find them here.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • FREE Expedited Shipping included
$9.99 $4.50 Select options
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Plastic Cake Smoother and Polisher – Better Than Spatulas
Item specifics
  • Cake Smoother - an essential tool for shaping and smoothing rolled fondant
  • Works great for top, edges, and sides of cakes - just smooth on and trim the edges
  • Shapes to sides of your cakes so that you avoid any puffed out areas
  • Sturdy Plastic
  • Size: 5.7" x 3.25"
  • Certification: CE / EU, FDA, LFGB
$10.49 $3.09 Select Options
Piping Tip Icing Couplers To Fit Large or Ball Russian Piping Tips
  • XL Tri-Color: 1.46" upper diameter ring and bottom diameter best for Largest Russian Piping Tips(1.37" to 1.46" bottom diameter newer nozzles)
  • Large Tri-Color: 1.14" upper diameter ring best fit for Ball Russian Piping Tips and Smaller Russian Tips (1.22" bottom diameter)
  • Our XL Tri-Color Coupler Fits Largest Russian Piping Tips(note that there are 5 smaller versions of this coupler online for other piping Tips so the ring diameter sizing is critical)
  • Our Large Tri-Color Coupler Fits Ball and Smaller Russian Piping Tips (note that there are 3 smaller and 2 larger versions of this coupler online for other piping tips so the ring diameter sizing is critical)
  • These couplers are personally tested by us on our Russian piping tips
  • These are much better suited than Wilton couplers or Ateco couplers because those brands don't make a coupler with enough diameter clearance for large, small, or ball Russian tip dimensions
  • Our couplers are sized differently than the size names that Ateco and Wilton give for their Small, Medium, Standard, Large, and X-Large couplers so please check dimensions and not size names when comparing to other couplers
  • Free Expedited Shipping
$15.99$28.99 $5.75$9.75 Select options