Welcome to Jazzy Picks!

We look forward to a long and enjoyable relationship with you. Our goal is to wow and delight you with cool stuff at great prices. And we offer a 30-day money back guarantee from the time your order arrives to make absolutely sure you are happy.

We founded Jazzy Picks as a website e-commerce store and Facebook Fan Page for people with a wide range of tastes and styles. I’m sure if you take a look around, you’ll find something special for you or somebody in your life.

If you don’t, please drop us a quick line on the Contact page and tell us what you’re interested it. We’ll see what we can find for you. And if you join our Announcement List, we send out new products all the time.

Our goal is to curate some of the most interesting and unique products on our store for you to browse. Be sure to look around and find some of our great exclusive deals for you. We also feature new announcements of products on our Fan Page as we release them, so be sure to follow our Facebook Page Jazzy Picks or join our newsletter announcements list (see sidebar to join).

Why We Chose To Curate Unique and Novel Products and Deals

To put it simply, we love gadgets and fun new goodies. We also love to cook and bake in our household, and I am — in particular — a sucker for kitchen gadgets. That’s why you’ll find so many kitchen, baking, and cooking deals. I can’t resist looking for them! So, we figured we’d turn our own passion into a website to help other people like us find the best deals. And so Jazzy Picks was born.

Why Jazzy Picks Can Provide Exclusive Special Deals For You

With careful sourcing, many — if not all — of our products can be offered at promotional pricing and shipping rates. This results in an exclusive offer of a lower price and shipping cost for you (often Free Shipping or even a Free Product where you pay only Shipping & Handling). We offer Expedited Shipping with Tracking on most items, with an average shipment time of 2-3 weeks.

Some items offer free Promotional shipping on exclusive deals, where shipments can be easily 3-4 weeks, and in some cases as long as 4-6 weeks, but it’s worth the wait for a great deal all around! We highly recommend Expedited Shipping with tracking for faster delivery to you, and for promotional items which do not offer this for free, we also offer a small charge upgrade to Expedited.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about Jazzy Picks, specific products, or possible faster shipping, please contact us on our Contact page.